Printed Lanyards

Plain Lanyards, Auckland NZ

We can also offer our clients PLAIN LANYARDS in any colour with any accessory. Note that our PLAIN LANYARDS are all made to order but this can be done extremely quickly.

We offer you a SUPERIOR product and like many in NZ we will sell you the THIN or THICK soft poly lanyard over the inferior BOOTLACE type. However if you with a BOOTLACE lanyard we are happy to make these for you too.

Our price range is $1:50 to $2:00 per item plus GST & delivery.

If your order is SMALL then we will have to make sure it is dispatched with another order but rest assured we have orders departing every week.

Contact - For quality, value for money, efficient service, and a finished plain lanyard product that is be better than any other. In the long term you will be better off.

Request some samples today, view our Printed Lanyard Pricing or request a quote.