Printed Lanyards


Thanks for checking our our Printed Lanyards Pricing. We are confident that we have the right mix of price, service and quality to totally satify your needs.

We have been pleased to retain all our prices for the past 3/4 years but unfortunately our LANYARD SUPPLIER has increased their prices from 2008. Please note a 10% charge will be applied to all NEW orders. Our aim is to offer the BEST PRODUCTS for a market average price. REMEMBER to view our SPECIALS

Quantity - Add Set-up $100+GST & $33 for each additional colour2505001,0002,5005,000Fast Track *
Lanyard w/one colour/one side print$2.31 +GST$2.09 +GST$1.78 +GST$1.52 +GST$1.32 +GST+15%
Optional Extras - Add price below to what is displayed above
Printing on Reverse$0.23 +GST$0.21 +GST$0.18 +GST$0.14 +GST$0.13 +GST+15%
Mobile Phone Clip
P10-443, P10-445
$0.13 +GST$0.08 +GST$0.08 +GST$0.08 +GST$0.08 +GST+15%
Superior Swivel (various)
M20-415, M20-411, M20-382, M20-390
$0.25 +GST$0.22 +GST$0.19 +GST$0.14 +GST$0.13 +GST+15%
Safety Breakaway
$0.13 +GST$0.08 +GST$0.08 +GST$0.08 +GST$0.08 +GST+15%
Clip/Clasp above hook
$0.07 +GST$0.04 +GST$0.04 +GST$0.03 +GST$0.02 +GST+15%
Individually Bagged$0.07 +GST$0.04 +GST$0.04 +GST$0.03 +GST$0.02 +GST+15%
Clip Connector
$0.23 +GST$0.21 +GST$0.18 +GST$0.14 +GST$0.13 +GST+15%
THIN/SOFT POLYESTER$0.34 +GST$0.31 +GST$0.26 +GST$0.22 +GST$0.22 +GST+15%
NEW RUBBER FOAM - Puffa$0.57 +GST$0.52 +GST$0.44 +GST$0.37 +GST$0.33 +GST+15%
Glow in the Dark Print10% base $10% base $10% base $10% base $10% base $+15%

Standard RIBBON colour WHITE/BLACK. If you need to order a particular PMS colour band please note a dye charge is applicable @ $100

We offer an under 2 week FAST TRACK service for + 15%. Should outside elements intervene only the normal price will be charged. 8 out of 10 jobs are delivered in this timeframe.

Contact - For quality, value for money, efficient service, and a finished product that is be better than any other. In the longterm you will be better off. Request some samples today or request a quote